SD Europe board

SD Europe works on the principle of consensus and adheres to the ‘one member one vote’ structure. Each year, at the SD Europe AGM, a new board, with a maximum of five representatives from across the network, is proposed to members.

In Dublin (2017), the following board was deemed elected:

Diego Riva, chair

Diego is an Italian qualified lawyer since 2000 and graduated with honors at the Catholic University of Milan in 1997 with a dissertation on “Tax evasion, tax elusion: criminal aspects”. Diego’s practice focuses on corporate and securities matters, EU and international business law and has extensive experience in corporate governance matters for listed and private companies.

On sport matters, Diego focuses on collective sports, in particular football and advises fans organisations, clubs, and institutions on governance issues and financial stability. Diego has been a counsel to SD Europe since 2004 and is chairman of Supporters in Campo (the Italian member of SD Europe) since its incorporation on 2014.

Sofia Bohlin

Sofia is the chair of the Swedish national supporters organisation, Svenska Fotbollssupporterunionen. SFSU is an umbrella organisation, uniting Swedish supporter clubs and ultras through campaigns and projects such as “Save 50+1”, “Minimum standard for Swedish away sections” and the development of dialogue and cooperation with the Swedish League, FA and police. Sofia has been part of the SFSU board for five years and is also involved in her local supporter club, Supporterklubben Änglarna, connected to IFK Göteborg.

Sofia recently finished her Masters in Business development and international marketing with specialised research in Sharing Economy, and is looking to continue her career in these fields. Sofia was an active participant in SD Europe’s Clubs And Supporters For Better Governance In Football project on behalf of SFSU. She will also lead SFSU’s involvement in LIAISE, an Erasmus+ project that focuses on the development of the SLO role across Europe.

Mike Derham

Mike is a board member of Friends of the Rebel Army Society (FORAS), owners of Cork City FC in the League of Ireland. He runs his own IT training and consulting company and uses his business knowledge to help progress Cork City on a sustainable financial path, along with promoting good governance practices and transparent procedures at board level. Mike is involved with the development of the SLO role at his club, and was instrumental in bringing a women’s team and an amputee team under the club’s crest.

Mike was also an active participant in SD Europe’s Clubs And Supporters For Better Governance in Football project, facilitating sessions on Transparency and Fan engagement. He represents Cork City within the Irish Supporters Network, a federal cooperative that promotes fan ownership and greater supporter influence in Ireland.

Shay Golub

Shay has been working with SD Europe since 2008. He is one of the founders of Israfans – the Israeli umbrella organisation for supporters trusts and community-owned clubs, and currently chairs the organisation. Shay was previously a board member and chair of Halev Hayarok – the supporters trust of Hapoel Kfar Saba that holds 10% of the club’s shares.

The Israeli court ruled in favour of Israfans in their suit against the Israeli Football Association in 2017 and instructed the latter to operate with full transparency. Israfans is also playing a supporting role in campaigns carried out by nine community-owned member clubs across Israel.

When not dealing with football matters, Shay works as political consultant, offering special internships in community organising and mobilisation campaigns.

Narciso Rojas

Narciso is the founder of Recreativo Supporters Trust, established in 2015. The trust has been a key stakeholder of Real Club Recreativo de Huelva, the oldest football club in Spain, because of its activism over the last two years. The trust was the driving force behind the salvation campaign “Liberos del Decano” that collected nearly €1 million in less than a month to avoid the club’s relegation and consequent disappearance of the club in 2016.

Narciso is member of the Trust’s board since the beginning and president since 2017 and is active within Fasfe, the Spanish national supporters organisation. He works as an engineer in a crude oil refinery in his town, Huelva, and is a great fan of rugby. He has also been member of San Silvestre FC, the club of a small village in Huelva’s county.

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