Activities & Training Partners

Fans Matter! is comprised of a series of training and workshop sessions at the European and national level.

Project Contents

Internal experts from SD Europe and external experts will provide training and workshop sessions on the below areas:

  • CEO and Board Member Development
  • Volunteer Management and Development
  • Communications Management and Development (Developing a general and tailored narrative for the organisation)
  • Membership Management and Development

Following on from the training and workshop sessions will be a series of exchange visits between the project partners in their home countries.

Training Providers

Athlead UK

Athlead UK are the country’s first not-for-profit consultancy specialising in athlete-led charity and social change. Althlead UK brings decades of expertise in social change: from strategy to project delivery, brand partnerships to communicating success. The consultancy believes that the power and influence of brilliant athletes and sport, partnered with its expertise, can drastically improve the lives of countless people in need.

Sporting Assets

Sporting Assets are a London based mission-led social enterprise, working to support, sustain and grow healthy and resilient communities with sport and physical activity at their heart. Through its projects and  investments, Sporting Assets empower local communities to take responsibility for their local sports assets, to create new enterprises and businesses, and to innovate and tailor their services for local needs.


SchweryCade is a social entrepreneurship headquartered in the city of Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. SchweryCade is driven by core values of social responsibility, partnership, creativity and fun. It has developed Partnerships with different organisations that share values and ambitions. In addition, it counts on a mutually beneficial collaboration with educational institutions in the field of social responsibility.


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