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Code Of Conduct


SD Europe is a not for profit, democratic organisation with a membership made up of national supporters organisations, supporters groups and member-run football clubs.

Membership to the organisation, in addition to participation in its network, programmes, projects and events, whether digital or in person is subject to the observance of the organisation’s guidelines, rules and procedures.

As an organisation driven by its members, it is vital that SD Europe can be a space for members to discuss, collaborate and progress our areas of work in a friendly, trusting and safe environment. SD Europe’s success is contingent on the willingness of the membership to connect cooperatively, with consideration and friendliness. Afterall, we thrive on our diversity.

Members of SD Europe and the wider network are encouraged to build affable working relationships and to recognise and appreciate each other’s experiences, backgrounds and views.

SD Europe does not accept discriminatory behaviour, either direct or indirect, whether in the context of managing professional activities or in personal relationships. In practical terms, we refrain from making any offensive remarks or adopting offensive attitudes concerning a person’s colour, national, ethnic or social origin, religion or belief, status, origin or nationality, political opinion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. As an organisation and a community of people, we thrive on our diversity.

The activities outlined below are deemed unacceptable. SD Europe reserves the right to terminate the membership of organisations or ban individuals in the event of a breach of this code.  the discretion of the Board of Directors following a complaint and review procedure.

In the event of a breach of the Code of Conduct, SD Europe reserve the right to terminate project partner contracts.

Unacceptable behaviour includes, but not limited to, the below:

  • Abusive language, discourtesy or rudeness

  • Verbal, physical or visual harassment

  • Discrimination of any kind

  • Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group.

  • Bullying or taking unfair advantage

The safety and wellbeing of our members is paramount. Where needed, actions will be taken to protect the safety and wellbeing of members. Reserve the right to take appropriate action, including in interim before a final decision is made.


These are values we all share, we are asking your to help over see this.

If an individual should experience or witness any of the behaviours above or other actions that cause concern, they are invited to contact the organisation formally to make a complaint.

Individuals are encouraged to feel able to raise any genuine grievance or complaint related to above mentioned behaviour without fear of being penalised for doing so.

where appropriate SD Europe will ensure support is available.

Where possible complaints should be made in writing to the CEO ( and/or Chair ( Where urgent intervention is required, please make a complaint to any SD Europe team member, advisory board member or board member.

Complainants will receive a written acknowledgement within 2 weeks. SD Europe will promptly investigate all complaints and provide a summary of the complaint review, setting out the conclusion of the complaint review and any subsequent actions.

In the event of dissatisfaction towards the complaint procedure, the complainant is advised to write to the organisation’s Board of Directors at Rose Hill, Carrigaline, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland. 

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