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LIAISE Archive

After two years of training and education events, exchange visits, inter-partner collaboration and knowledge sharing, LIAISE finally came to an end on 31 December 2019.

The project has seen national associations, leagues and supporter organisations from across the continent working and learning together to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships for the good of the European game by developing the supporter liaison officer role and its implementation.

Following the completion of the LIAISE project, to ensure its legacy stands strong, stimulates more work in this area and can have the maximum impact, the intellectual outputs produced will be made available here to share and allow for a wider understanding of the outcomes achieved. Ultimately, to influence more national associations, leagues and football clubs of the benefit of properly implementing SLOs.

Public Report

A public report has been produced detailing the activities of the project, the outcomes and the further impact. Download it by clicking the link below.

LIAISE Public Report

National Action Plans

To ensure each country involved yields as much from participating in LIAISE as possible, SD Europe has constructed an Action Plan for each country, detailing the next steps to continue their progression in implementing SLOs. Download them by clicking the links below.

Bulgaria National Action Plan

Czechia National Action Plan

France National Action Plan

Poland National Action Plan

Portugal National Action Plan

Sweden National Action Plan

Adopted Council Resolution 

Council Resolution concerning good practice guidance in respect of police liaison with Supporter Liaison Officers (SLOs) appointed by football clubs and national federations to help prevent and reduce the scale of violence, disturbances and other prohibited behaviour in connection with football matches with an international dimension, in which at least one Member State is involved.

Project Guides

LIAISE Handbook

Social Media Guidelines

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