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11th LIAISE Visit takes place in Portugal

The penultimate LIAISE visit took place on 7th December 2019, with representatives from the SFSU (Swedish Football Supporters Union) and SEF (Swedish Football League) meeting with the FPF (Portuguese FA), accompanied by the SD Europe SLO Team.

The project delegates visited Portuguese side F.C. Famalicão, who had recently been promoted to the Primeira Liga. The delegates attended a match of the club where they met and spoke with its SLO, in addition to having a tour of the stadium, which was under renovation.

Delegates were given the opportunity to speak to the club’s SLO and Head of Security whilst being shown around the stadium. The representatives from the football club spoke to the delegates about its relationship with the supporters, which was described as being ‘generally very positive’. It was explained that the SLO spoke with key personnel within the supporter base on an almost daily basis. The club’s SLO worked in the position part-time. Whilst not working for the club, the SLO worked locally which has helped with his visibility and building relationships with the supporters. Delegates were spoken to about the new laws that had come into place in Portugal and how it would impact supporters. 

During the visit, delegates were granted an audience with the police Match Commander and asked his opinion on the SLO role, which he described as ‘the central link between Police and supporters’. Delegates were also shown the stadium’s control room. Lastly, the delegates got the opportunity to observe the management of the arrival and exit of both home and away supporters, in addition to the SLO and police working during the match.

All in all, this proved a very fruitful visit for all concerned. It provided the project partners with an in depth insight into the SLO role in Portugal. Our thanks go out to the FPF for hosting the visit.

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