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Azeri FA holds SLO training workshop

Read the original article here (in Azeri)

On 18 November the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) organised a seminar for supporter liaison officers (SLOs) at the Bakcell Arena in Baku. It was the first training event for club SLOs in Azerbaijan and was attended by representatives of AFFA and the Professional Football League, club SLOs and security officers, representatives of supporter groups, and SD Europe and UEFA SLO project Coordinator Stuart Dykes, who gave a series of presentations on the SLO and showed the UEFA training film “A Day in the Life of the Supporter Liaison Officer”.

This was a milestone event for Azeri football in that it was also the first time AFFA and supporter representatives had met to discuss the various problems facing the game. The seminar was welcomed by all parties and further meetings are planned in future to intensify the dialogue between the various stakeholders. A particular focus in the coming months will be improving the dialogue between the football governing bodies and fans with the police.

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