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Dinamo Bucharest fans launch DDB project

‘Peluza Catalin Hildan’, the main supporters’ organisation of Dinamo Bucharest, has been working on the launch of the DDB (Just Dinamo Bucharest) project, that will allow the club’s supporters to assume increased structured influence in the running of their club.

In the past few months, PCH has undertaken significant steps in restructuring itself as a supporters’ organisation with a wider scope of activities. Board members and volunteers have worked methodically to develop a plan, under which the PCH will be able to acquire shares in Dinamo Bucharest, enabling the club’s supporters to actively participate in the decision-making of the club. By June 2019, the PCH board hopes to have 7,000 members, with an expectation of this number to rise to 30,000 over the next three years.

This plan was presented to Dinamo supporters in Romania over the course of three packed and festive events, organised by the PCH in Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj. At the events, the newly elected board of the PCH presented its vision for the organisation: a democratic, inclusive, and open to all initiative, which seeks a balanced representation of different stakeholders within Dinamo Bucharest. Founded in 1948, Dinamo celebrates its 70th birthday, and the DDB project comes as an opportunity to reconnect supporters to the club’s roots.

For only 48 euros annually, a Dinamo membership grants the stakeholder full voting rights, and access to various privileges (including discounts at some 90,000 partner companies). Fans with the ability to contribute more for their membership, can do so for 1,948 euros annually. Members can enroll by visiting the PCH offices right across the stadium or via the project’s dedicated website. Five main working groups have already been created: finance, legal, marketing, public relations, and development with PCH is actively recruiting volunteers to be more involved in the day-to-day activities of the club.

Apart from the Dinamo fans, the DDB project was also welcomed by the owners and the board of directors of the club. As part of an agreement signed between PCH and Dinamo Bucharest SA, the former will be given the option to purchase shares of the club, as well as appoint one member on the club’s board. The agreement will also allow PCH to manage the money invested in the club, while giving room for veto rights in regards to the club’s name, stadium development, colours, and emblem.

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