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Introducing the ‘For A Better Football’ podcast miniseries!

SD Europe are to release a mini series of podcasts in which key organisations in the football ecosystem are interviewed about a plethora of subjects centered around the future of football and the sustainable development of the game.

The series will start on Tuesday 17th November 2020 with an interview with Alberto Colombo, the Deputy General Secretary of European Leagues, then releasing a new podcast every Tuesday and Thursday over the coming weeks.

All podcasts will be made available via Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

SD Europe believes that cooperation between the relevant football stakeholders is now more important than ever. Football clubs, their communities and society as a whole suffer from the effects of the pandemic, but the football pyramid was already broken long before the symptoms showed.

We spoke to different football stakeholders to hear about the challenges their organisations and members are facing and what they are proposing to make football better. We talked about the impact on the national level and the different reform proposals on the tables including the European dimension. Not for the first time, suggestions have been made by some in the game for a so-called ‘European super league’, leading to questions about where the future of football is going.

This podcast series brings them all together! We also speak about how they envisage their cooperation with SD Europe and fans from across Europe developing.

Guests will include:

  1. Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary, European Leagues

  2. Alexander Bielefeld, Senior Manager for Policy Strategic Relations, FIFPRO

  3. Ingo Petz & Ron Merz, Zukunft Profifussball, (Germany)

  4. And more to be announced!

The series will be concluded in December with a finale podcast summarising the mini-series’ discussions featuring special guests also to be announced.


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