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SD Europe AGM 2022 Summary

Supporters Organisations and member-run clubs from across the continent and further attend hybrid AGM.

Key points:

  • SD Europe members vote by majority in favour of the resolution from the SD Europe board on the principles for a merger with FSE.

  • New board members appointed: Ashley Brown & Robin Beck

  • CEO Report on Membership & SLO departments

SD Europe/FSE Merger Principles

During the meeting, the members of SD Europe polled in favour of the resolution of merger principles recommended by the board of directors and its subsequent part 2.

The resolution included two parts:

  • Part 1: “As an ordinary resolution, the SD Europe Board proposes that SD Europe merges its activities with Football Supporters Europe (FSE) in line with the agreed principles of the “Merger Principles” document and that the directors be authorised to do such things as are necessary to give effect to that merger.”

  • Part 2: “If Part 1 is passed, the SD Europe AGM proposes as an ordinary resolution that FSE changes its official name to the “European Football Supporters Association” (EFSA) but uses the name “Fans Europe” in its day-to-day business, subject to its BGM approving the merger with SD Europe in line with the agreed principles.”

New Board Members

The board of SD Europe recommended the appointment of Ashley Brown (The FSA) and Robin Beck (KSK Beveren) to the board. Both were elected by majority vote.

CEO Report

CEO Stuart Dykes reported on the organisation’s activities over the last year including those prior to his appointment in early 2022. A full executive summary can be found here.

Members attended the AGM either online or in person. The members in attendance where KSK Beveren (Belgium), PAC Omonioa (Cyprus), Bohemians Supporters Trust (Czechia), The Football Supporters Association (England & Wales), Association Nationale de Supporters (France), Unsere Kurve (Germany), Israfans (Israel), Supporters In Campo (Italy), Supporterscollectief Nederland (Netherlands), AKS Zly (Poland), Norsk Supportersallianse (Norway), SD Scotland (Scotland), Accionistas y Socios del Fútbol Español (Spain), Svenskafotbollssupporterunionen (Sweden). Brøndby IF Fanafdelingen (Denmark) indicated for Lasser Bauer to act as its proxy and the Irish Supporters Network indicated for the FSA to act as its proxy.

Also in attendance were Board Members Lasse Bauer (in person), Daphne Goldschmidt (online), Sofia Bohlin (online), network members Pallieter Supporterscollectief (Belgium) and Advisory Board Members Mike Denham and Andy Walsh.

Following the motions passed at the 2022 AGM, SD Europe will now wait to see the result of the corresponding motion at the FSE Fans Congress on the weekend beginning 23rd July 2022. Following this event, both organisations will be able to provide further updates.

SD Europe would like to thank all members and attendees for their participation and contribution to the AGM.

Particular thanks is also extended to Bohemian FC and the Irish Supporters Network for their hospitality and support in organising the AGM.


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