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SD Europe signs up to European Commission pledge on Good Governance

Since its beginnings in 2007, SD Europe has always advocated for improved and strong governance in sport, particularly football, across Europe. The organisation was therefore delighted to sign up to the European Commission’s pledge to implement Good Governance in European Sport earlier in the summer.

Through its work with supporters’ organisations, local groups and member-run clubs across the continent, SD Europe aims to improve understanding around the key challenges and benefits associated with good governance, and made the topic one of its key areas of focus throughout its current Erasmus+ project (Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football).

A specific workshop focusing on transparency, governance and operational structures, and the importance of having a strong governance culture within an organisation were key discussions during a three-day workshop in Manchester last June.

The pledge reads as follows:

Declaration for sports federations and organisations in the EU

“To preserve the reputation of sport, whilst maintaining its autonomy, sport governing bodies must ensure good governance is firmly embedded within the culture of the organisation. The governance of the structures and operations of sport must be aligned to deal with the current and future threats and challenges, as well as able to exploit the possibilities arising from the continued growth of the sport sector. We voluntarily commit to implement the basic principles of Good Governance in Sport – Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Democracy, Participation and Inclusivity – into our sport organisation. We recognise that improving governance is an on-going and necessary process to undertake in order to be better protected from risks such as corruption and able to maintain, protect and promote the integrity of sport.”

For further information, visit the European Commission’s website, and consider whether or not your own organisation could adhere to such a pledge in the future. Other organisations to sign up to date include UEFA and the Special Olympics movement.

To learn more about SD Europe‘s work, visit our About Us page or simply get in touch.


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