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SD Europe to partner up with Atmosfair

SD Europe is delighted to announce it has partnered with Atmosfair, a not-for-profit carbon offsetter.

The aim of the partnership, which will begin in January, is to tackle the impact of the unavoidable harmful emissions that are created as a consequence of SD Europe’s air travel. Through Atmosfair, SD Europe will be able to offset these emissions by supporting programmes dedicated to developing sustainable and more manageable alternatives to fossil fuels in communities that need it the most.

SD Europe CEO Antonia Hagermann said ‘we’re very pleased to have an arrangement in place with Atmosfair. SD Europe is astutely aware of the environmental consequences of the football industry, as an organisation we want to ensure we acknowledge and address our impact on the planet. Atmosfair were the standout organisation to work with because of its expertise in the field and the sheer necessity of the projects it is contributing to.’

Based in Germany, Atmosfair are specialists in balancing emissions through environmental schemes with almost 15 years’ experience. 

Following the calculation of an organisation’s emissions, Atmosfair then offset unavoidable travel emissions through its energy efficiency, wind energy, hydro power, biogas & biomass, solar energy and environmental education projects based in Africa and Asia. Atmosfair will also help to identify methods to reduce SD Europe’s environmental impact.

SD Europe members will be able to vote on a project for the organisation to contribute to at our 2019 AGM.

Friends of SD Europe can visit Atmosfair’s website here to offset their own flights, donate to climate protection projects and find out more about their work.


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