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SFSU Celebrate Their 10th AGM

At the end of November, Svenska Fotbollssupporterunionen, SFSU, hosted their 10th AGM in Helsingborg.

In connection to the meeting, workshops were held on the themes of communication and financial solutions. The topics gave a lot of knowledge and inspiration to the member organisations, ahead of another busy season in Swedish football.

The first day kicked off with a presentation from Patrik Sundberg from Allmänna Supporterklubben and the media bureau POST. With his experience from the stands and the communication business, he shared a range of valuable tips and tricks with the supporters’ organisations present.

During the afternoon several initiatives was presented to give the attendees ideas and inspiration on how to find financial solutions for their groups. Examples were given from Guliganerna and Malmö FFs ‘Supporterhuset‘.

The AGM was held on day two of the weekend. Sofia Bohlin, board member of SD Europe, was re-elected as chair person for another year.

“I’m very happy and honoured to continue as chairman of SFSU. It’s a great privilege and I’m truly looking forward to continue the work with the new board,” Sofia said.

“We had a creative and engaged 10th AGM with SFSU in Helsingborg and managed to establish a great foundation for the upcoming season’s work with focus areas chosen by our members. So, on behalf of the board, I can truly say that we are excited about 2018 and our 10th year as a national supporters organisation.”

The meeting decided on the three focus areas for the coming year:

  1. Review of SFSU’s statues

  2. Democracy and the 50+1-rule

  3. Broaden the image of supporters

Niamh O’Mahony, acting CEO at SD Europe, said: “We were delighted to attend the SFSU AGM once again this year. It’s a great lesson in how to include members in key decisions and ensure their voice is heard throughout the year by hosting a range of discussions when everyone is together.

“SFSU has also been a partner in the Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football project for the past two years. It was great to have the opportunity to share some of the outcomes of that initiative while in Helsingborg, and we looking forward to working with SFSU again in our new Erasmus+ project, LIAISE – which ultimately aims to improve the implementation of the SLO role for everyone across Europe.”

SD Europe celebrated 10 Years in 2017, and has featured a number of articles from its network in recent weeks, including Italy, Belgium, Poland, and Ireland.


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