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SFSU Host Their Summer Meeting With SinC In Attendance

In mid-June approximently 30 supporters from different teams gathered in Malmö to discuss and learn from each other at SFSU’s summer event. 

The weekend began with the SFSU chairperson Sofia Bohlin welcoming everyone. She presented  SFSU’s activities so far in 2017. Much time was devoted to talking about the participation in SD Europe’s Erasmus+ project. As part of the project, representatives from Supporters in Campo had been invited.

At the SFSU AGM, held in November 2016, it was decided to form a working group focusing on compiling ‘Positive supporter initiatives’ and the group shared their findings so far. The verdict: many things are being done but are not brought to attention often enough so various initiatives was presented.

Supporters of IF Elfsborg spoke about their annual cycle trip to an away match where they raise money for cancer research and supporters of Malmö FF shared their work with ‘Supporterhuset’, an activity centre for MFF fans.

Cissi Karlén, a member of the working group, said: “After the presentations we had an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss. We spoke about things such as how to develop the work or make more similar initiatives in our local groups. As a member of the working group, I hope that the different groups were inspired and that we will see more initiatives started all over the country.”

Project partners Supporters in Campo spoke about the general situation in Italy when it comes to democracy in football. It is obvious that there are a lot of differences when you compare the Italian structure and Sweden’s 50+1 rule.

“When our Italian friends spoke about their situation I realised how happy we should be with the situation we have in Sweden right now. Nevertheless, we can’t rest, but need to be aware what’s happening around us since their will always be external threats to our football democracy,” said Glenn Holvik, board member of SFSU.


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