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Sporting SLO brings team and fans together

Juventude Leonina, Directivo Ultras XXI, Torcida Verde and Brigada Ultras, the four organised fan groups at Sporting Clube de Portugal, visited the first team during training to pass on their full support and confidence for the new season.

Also present at the meeting, which was organised by the club, were Bruno de Carvalho, President of Sporting, Augusto Inácio, Director of professional football, and André Geraldes, Sporting’s SLO.

Though the licensing requirement applies only to teams requesting a UEFA licence, all 18 top-division clubs now have an SLO. With the Primeira League being expanded from 16 to 18 clubs this season, the Portuguese Football Federation organised another SLO workshop in August to continue its training programme and welcome the new colleagues to the SLO family.


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