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Supporters in Campo to hold AGM, hosting Erasmus+ partners FASFE

In July Supporters in Campo, together with FASFE and SFSU, joined the Fútbol Popular meeting in Getafe.

Time for FASFE to pay the visit back has come as the Spanish national organisation for democratic supporters’ groups and member-run clubs will attend the Supporters in Campo Annual General Meeting in Prato the coming weekend (16 and 17 September).

FASFE representatives will have the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion with the Italian groups on challenges and best practices of structured supporter involvement in the decision-making process, presenting the situation in Spain and highlighting the areas of mutual interest. They will also have the opportunity to witness how consensus (instead of voting) in the election process of a national organisation, among supporter representatives of different clubs, works in practice.

For more details and live updates from the event follow on twitter @SDEurope07 (in English) @SinC_Italia (in Italian) @FASFEaficion (in Spanish). Don’t forget to like us on facebook and come back to our website next week to read about the discussions, experience sharing and elections results at the Supporters in Campo AGM!

The exchange is part of SD Europe’s Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football project, which is financed by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme along with UEFA. Six-member owned clubs and five national supporter organisations have been taking part in a range of workshops and exchange visits since January 2016 with the objective of improving their understanding around key issues related to Good Governance, Sustainable Finance and Member & Volunteer Engagement. The project is due to conclude this coming December, and a training tool summarising all key lessons learned is being developed at present.


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