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Swedish SLOs meet in Göteborg

In December 2014, the steering committee of the Swedish SLOs met in Göteborg together with security officers and representatives of the Swedish FA and League, following an announcement by the police for the introduction of a national strategy on security issues.

All representatives expressed their concern on the effectiveness of the strategy and also the approach of the police towards security, as it suggests a seven-step action plan with the final being the stop of football matches. The main discussion focused around suggestions towards the police on how this strategy could be amended and put on a more realistic footing in order to be better implemented in sporting events and suit the not only the short-term but also the long-term needs football has. It was also agreed that the steering committee, apart from the football authorities, should also meet with the police at least three times a year to discuss the different issues and have a proactive say in the planning and implementation of any strategies.

Other issues that were discussed covered the areas of training development and the promotion, enhancement and development of the ENABLE project. In Sweden there is a high level of awareness on the SLO project among the different stakeholders, but the main challenge remains the exact understanding of the role by all parties which can only be delivered through special training and campaigning.

Moreover, the steering committee agreed to create a working group that will start to draft the explanation of the “Swedish SLO model” – a hybrid that involves a certain balance of cooperation between the main football stakeholders (supporters, supporter organisations and independent initiatives, clubs and sponsors, the league and the FA, the police, the government).


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