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UEFA releases its annual FSR report for season 2016/17

Earlier this week UEFA published its 2016/17 FSR report, which alongside the fantastic work of fellow FSR partners also contains a review of SD Europe‘s activities last season.

In addition, the report contains an overview of the entire five-year funding cycle and shows that it has been an incredibly busy few years for the organisation. Some highlights from the past five seasons include:

  1. ‘Heart of the Game’ position paper launched at the European Parliament, Brussels (2012)

  2. Management of three separate European projects: a Preparatory Action (2012-13) and two Erasmus+ projects (2016-17, 2018-19)

  3. Supporting the implementation of the SLO role on behalf of UEFA

  4. Working with stakeholders including the Council of Europe and Pan-European Think Tank of Football Safety and Security Experts as part of ​our ​observer status on the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence (TR-V)

  5. Supporting member associations in their work on Fan Dialogue projects under Hat Trick

  6. Ongoing work with national and local supporters groups to help improve their influence in decision-making on club and national level

Perhaps the biggest milestone of the cycle has been the establishment of SD Europe as an independent, pan-European members organisation in its own right in 2016. Very little of this work would be possible without the hard work, dedication and support of our members and our wider network of friends across Europe.

“Uefa has enjoyed a strong partnership with SD Europe since 2007, and we were happy to see the network become an independent European organisation in its own right last year,” said Peter Gilliéron, Chairman of the UEFA Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee.

SD Europe‘s work, along with the work of its members, demonstrates the important contribution supporters can make to football and we look forward to seeing further developments in the coming years.”

You can read more about the report’s launch on here:

The full 2016/17 FSR report can be downloaded here and is also available from our Resources section.


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