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Ukrainian PFL organises seminar on ‘strategies that work’

SD Europe was invited and presented at the ‘Strategies that work’ seminar of the Ukrainian PFL

Among the some 60 people that attended the seminar were representatives of the Ukrainian Premier League and the PFL, representatives of supporters’ groups, local businessmen, experts in marketing and communications and journalists.

The participants had the opportunity to hear Sergei Makarov (president of the PFL), Anna Radko (marketing director of the organisation ‘Standard’), Andrey Burlakov (media director of FC Shaktar), Evgeny Dontsov (president of ‘Standard’) and SD Europe’s Loukas Anastasiadis presenting on the topics of interaction and communication between clubs and supporters and the benefits of supporter ownership and structured involvement in the decision-making process.

The morning session was followed by an afternoon panel discussion, which developed into an interactive and lively conversation and eventually a brainstorming session for the future of Ukrainian football and the role supporters can play in it in the short and longer term.


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