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UPDATED: We need more solidarity, not less! SD Europe condemns plans of a European Super League.

SD Europe is dismayed by the plans of certain English, Spanish and Italian clubs to form a European super league. And we support the statement issued by UEFA and the affected governing bodies earlier today.

Football in Europe is more than just a business whose sole aim is to maximise profits. The European Model of Sport—which is based on sporting merit, promotion and relegation, qualification for UEFA competitions through domestic success, and fair revenue distribution— is at stake and with it football as we know it. It must be protected and strengthened, not torn apart by the reckless ambitions of a few rapacious clubs.

Football is about competition but also about cooperation. We do not achieve better competitive balance by concentrating ever more wealth in the hands of the richest clubs. We do so by redistributing income in such a way that as many clubs as possible have a chance of glory. By closing the gap between the rich and not so rich clubs. And by closing the gap between the “Big Five Leagues” and the rest.

We can save football by making it fairer, more democratic, more financially, ecologically and socially sustainable, and more reflective of the clubs that make it the spectacle we all know and love.

We call upon the football governing bodies to resist the plans to form the European Super League with all the means at their disposal. We will support you in this. But we also call upon you to enter into a meaningful discussion with all the football stakeholders, including supporters, and especially the smaller and medium-sized clubs, about how we can make the European and domestic football competitions more sustainable.

We need reforms that guarantee more competitive balance through a fairer redistribution of income, not less.


  1. Realignment of the UCC reform in light of recent events to ensure financial and social solidarity through appropriate redistribution of revenue

  2. Revised licensing and FFP regulations to consolidate the above

  3. Meaningful stakeholder consultation regarding financial solidarity and licensing/FFP, including non-UCC clubs and fans

  4. Structured involvement of supporters in football governance (and decision-making processes)


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