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SD Europe Board

SD Europe works on the principle of consensus and adheres to the ‘one member one vote’ structure. Each year, at the SD Europe AGM, a new board, with a maximum of five representatives from across the network, is proposed to members.

Sofia Bohlin, Chair

Sofia is the Chair of the Swedish national supporters organisation, Svenska Fotbollssupporterunionen. SFSU is an umbrella organisation, uniting Swedish supporter clubs and ultras through campaigns and projects such as “Save 50+1”, “Minimum standard for Swedish away sections” and the development of dialogue and cooperation with the Swedish League, FA and police. Sofia has been part of the SFSU board for five years and is also involved in her local supporter club, Supporterklubben Änglarna, connected to IFK Göteborg.

Sofia recently finished her Masters in Business development and international marketing with specialised research in Sharing Economy, and is looking to continue her career in these fields. Sofia was an active participant in SD Europe’s Clubs And Supporters For Better Governance In Football project on behalf of SFSU. She will also lead SFSU’s involvement in LIAISE, an Erasmus+ project that focuses on the development of the SLO role across Europe.

Daphne Goldshmidt

Daphne is the former Chair of 100% member-run and owned Hapoel Jerusalem FC. Daphne played an instrumental role in the club’s journey beginning as a breakaway club in the lowest league in Israel in 2007, to reclaiming the ‘Hapoel Jerusalem FC’ name for the club in 2020 and achieving promotion to the Israeli first division in 2021.  Daphne also played a vital role in the many social initiatives ran by the football club in the city of Jerusalem to unite communities through football.

Lasse Bauer

Lasse Bauer is the Chairman of Fanafdelingen i Brøndbyernes IF (The Fan Department at Brøndby IF) since 2019 and before that the leading SLO at the club from 2014 to 2019. The Fan Department was founded in 2019 to combine the work of the Brøndby Supporters Trust and other fan groups after the fans secured a statute spot on the Board in the Professional department (the only one in the Danish Superligaen).

Lasse has a master in Politics & Administration and works in a government agency as a Consultant.

Robin Beck

Robin is a democratically elected board member and former sporting director at KSK Beveren, the only 100% member-run club in Belgium. The club restarted in Belgium’s lowest division in 2011 after financial problems led them to end male footballing activities. In 2022 KSK Beveren promoted for the 4th time, while still being run by its members. Robin is a strong believer in the power of grassroots and member-ran clubs as pillars of a sustainable future for football. 

Robin is a lawyer specialized in public law in daily life and works on a daily basis with local governments. Besides running his football club, he has used his love for the game and writing to create a Belgian football magazine called Catenaccio, which focuses on the social impact of football on societies and people. Nearly a representative for his club within SD Europe for a decade, Robin has built up some excellent relationships within the network as well.


Ashley Brown

Ashley has been a supporter activists for a number of years, originally locally for his club Portsmouth FC, and in more recent years both nationally and internationally as an employee for the English & Welsh Football Supporters’ Association. Ashley, a former IBM business consultant, was Chair of Pompey Supporters’ Trust when he led a campaign that raised £6 million to help save the club after it was forced into administration following a string of questionable owners.. Thus creating one of the largest fan owned clubs in the country, and becoming a supporter Director for Portsmouth FC. 

Following this success, Ashley became CEO of Supporters Direct. At this time SDE had effectively already split from SD, and so he played only a small part in that process. Over time, working with colleagues at the Football Supporters’ Federation and funders it became clear that for SD’s work to be protected and best delivered, a merger with the FSF should be pursued. Following months of negotiation a vote was put to the members of both groups and the merger approved, he then worked closely with FSF colleagues to ensure a smooth transition and that SD’s values were protected. Since that time Ashley has worked as Head of governance and supporter engagement for the FSA. 

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