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SD Europe Fund 2021: Israfans

Refreshing ownership models 2021


Israfans, the national supporters organisation in Israel, representing the interests of its member football clubs and supporters organisations. The organisation was formed in 2007 as a collective action responding to the sports-based community issues the country faced. Israfans offer advice and guidance to member-run clubs and supporters organisations in Israel, whilst championing their causes at national and international level.


Last year, under the covid19 lockdown, Israfans launched the Momentum 2020 as part of the previous year’s SD Europe Fund. The project boosted volunteering issues in member-run clubs. To tackle these issues, Israfans will write a professional guide that summarizes solutions to offer their members.The project is important for the national movement because it answers urgent needs. Based on the assumption that the football economy changed, and that Israfans members will need their members more than ever – for funds, club daily activities, and social responsibility.

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