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SD Europe Fund 2021: Supporters In Campo 

Growing The Network


Supporters in Campo is an initiative of supporters and groups of supporters who promote the dissemination of sustainable models of ownership and management (governance) of sports clubs and sports institutions, through the participation of supporters in decision-making processes and in the ownership of companies and institutions, in recognition of the value supporters represent for sport and in recognition of their essential role.

The Supporters in Campo mission is to promote real democracy in football through the direct participation of fans in the governance of the movement and clubs.


The SinC project will raise awareness of the network in Italy, while facilitating a discussion about the Italian context. This will see the exchange of good practices, cultural growth and active involvement. It will also expand SinC new media activities and promote the Italian network’s initiatives. The project will consist of a series of interviews with members of SinC. These videos will be made into videos and podcasts giving an overview of the associations’ activities (type of activities, number of members, sport and social activities in the area), achievements and special projects carried out,


considerations about the Italian context, the relationship with the SinC network, the relationship with the European network, and expectations for the future.

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