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  • SLO of the Month: Morten Talhaug of SK Brann

    Do you work in a dedicated SLO team? How many SLOs are at your club? “I am Brann’s only SLO, but we have started a process to recruit an SLO for the club’s new women’s team “Norwegian clubs are fortunate to have a lot of good SLOs. “Norway has so many good SLOs, so that’s really nice to hear. AFC Wimbledon to appoint a new SLO team.

  • The Future Of Supporter Liaison: The SLO Training Programme

    “It involves the delivery of a proper training program for SLOs. , with more than a hundred SLOs receiving the training.” I'm a Swedish SLO. I have been able to take what I have learnt in my 10 years as an SLO and channel it into the SLO training SD EUROPE HAS NOW PUBLISHED A NEW SLO HANDBOOK, A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR SLOS, WILL YOU BE ABLE TO USE THIS

  • The SD Europe-produced SLO Handbook is finally out!

    After more than a year’s hard work, the new and improved SLO Handbook is finally out. This is the ultimate handbook for the SLO role and everything it entails. Their first task is often to phone another club’s SLO and ask for advice. The SLO role is a requirement for club licensing within UEFA, but since the training for the SLOs is now part of the UEFA Academy, this has increased the status for the SLOs.

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  • SLO Education Programme | SD Europe

    The SLO Education Programme In partnering with SD Europe, we want to take SLO training to the next level SLO Education Programme In Numbers So Far... 8 National Associations 16 Sessions 250+ SLOs The programme is led by SD Europe’s Head of SLO Development & Training, Lena Gustafson-Wiberg. For SD Europe, the establishment of the SLO Education Programme, in partnership with the UEFA Academy More information on the SLO Education Programme can be found on the UEFA Academy website .

  • Practical Guide To Supporter Liaison | SD Europe

    to the SLO role , and it makes a welcome contribution to the professionalisation of the SLO role. The SLO role is still something of an enigma and many SLOs around Europe struggle with their tasks. for examples taken from everyday SLO practice”, says Stuart Dykes, Head of SLO Development at SD Europe with the UEFA Academy, this is another feather in the SLO cap for SD Europe. around Europe”, concludes Lena Gustafson Wiberg, Head of SLO Training at SD Europe.

  • Implementing The SLO | SD Europe

    role to various stakeholders including member associations, police, and SLOs European SLO Network As A working group of SLOs is now in place to lead further development of this network – providing SLOs PHOTO: GEPA PICTURES/ PHILIPP BREM RFU SLO WORKSHOP The inaugural Uefa SLO conference was held in Berlin The first ever meeting of European SLOs took place in June 2016 with SLOs as mentioned, with SLOs from Later in the year, the third SLO network meeting took place in Rotterdam.

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