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Carbon offsetting for January to March Complete

Inline with our carbon offsetting partnership with Atmosfair, SD Europe’s air travel data for January to March 2020 has been submitted to be offset.

Re-cap: what is carbon offsetting?

  1. In carrying out SD Europe’s work, carbon emissions are created as an unavoidable consequence of air travel

  2. Through the partnership, Atmosfair, a not for profit organisation supported by the German Federal Environment Agency, will gather SD Europe’s air travel data and calculate the total carbon emissions created

  3. SD Europe will then use Atmosfair to contribute to a project that reduces carbon emissions, ‘offsetting‘ what has been created by the organisation

All flights made by the SD Europe Team, Board, Advisory Board and AGM attendees between January and March this year have been submitted to Atmosfair to be offset.

During SD Europe’s 2020 AGM, the members of the organisation voted for a project in Uganda which reduces deforestation and conserves biodiversity to be the beneficiary of the partnership. You can find out more about the project here.

This is part of SD Europe’s commitment to sustainability – one of the organisation’s new principles alongside democracy, cooperation and solidarity.

In addition to carbon offsetting, we continue to investigate and explore other methods to embed our commitment to sustainability into the organisation.

Our members and friends of the network can also use Atmosfair to offset their carbon emissions by clicking here.


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