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SLO Of The Month Series

The SLO of the Month series sees SD Europe speak to Supporter Liaison Officers from across the continent to share an insight into their experiences!

Morten Talhaug of SK Brann

Untitled design (70).png

“We have come far but we need to keep developing. I hope that all clubs in the Swedish first division have a strong SLO function.”

Untitled design (95).png

Morten Talhaug of SK Brann

Untitled design (96).png

“The SLO role is a really great opportunity to work closer with and get a better understanding of supporters – including their needs and points of view”

SK Sturm Graz Fans

Dominik Neumann Of SK Sturm Graz

Untitled design (89).png

"The games in the Europa League group stage also clearly showed us how important it is to have an SLO. For our fans, international trips to away games are special experiences, so we as SLOs can clarify a lot of questions in advance..."


Beverley Mayer of St. Johnstone FC

Untitled design (68).png

“I think for clubs and supporters alike the main benefit is knowing they have that dedicated reliable conduit to oversee two-way communication"


Nikita Zakharov of FC Baltika Kaliningrad

Untitled design (69).png

“In my opinion, the main idea of introducing SLO into Russian football is to build a bridge in communication between fans and club management"


Christopher Lindahl of IFK Göteborg

Untitled design (70).png

"The trust, dialogue and positive behaviour has helped to increase our audience"


Tsvetomir Boyadzhiev of SFC Etar Veliko Tarnovo

Untitled design (71).png

“We have a very good core of fans that are positive in their mind and actions, so it’s a great help"


Bartosz Kadłubowski of Jagiellonia Białystok

Untitled design (72).png

"With a joint effort, we manage to solve the problems instead of unnecessarily escalating issues"

Untitled design (73).png

Johan Reiler of Brøndby IF

Untitled design (74).png

"I know the fans, how to speak to them and what they need to be given to follow the guidelines before the games. Without an SLO it would not be possible at all"

Untitled design (75).png

SPECIAL: Maël Garde Provansal of Ligue de Football Professionnel

Untitled design (76).png

"An SLO can only improve the relationship fans have with their club"


Dave Messenger of Watford FC

Untitled design (78).png

"It can only be a positive for all clubs to fully embrace the SLO role. It’s so important for supporters to have a conduit to the club and it’s a two-way street"


JP Taylor of Celtic FC

Untitled design (68).png

"SLOs within Scottish Football has given fans a better opportunity to engage with their Clubs and in many respects gain a better understanding of how their Club works"


Tomas Čarnogurský of FC Slovan Liberec

Slovan_Liberec_logo.svg (1).png
Untitled design (94).png

"I hope that with the help of SD Europe we can continue to enhance the role of SLOs in Czech clubs and get more recognition for our work.”


Quentin Gilbert Of Standard de Liège

Royal_Standard_de_Liege.svg (1).png
Untitled design (92).png

"I think an SLO is the missing link between the fan base and the club. It’s important that everybody understands between the fans and the club that we all want the same thing in the end"


Matijas Loeb of Valerenga IF

Untitled design (80).png

"I want to make sure we have a good framework in place for our fans to be as loud and supportive as possible"


Marc Francis of Eintracht Frankfurt

Untitled design (81).png

"I believe that every professional club should appoint SLOs that meet the expected standards, criteria and believe in the concept"

Additional Guidance

SD Europe facilitates the implementation of the supporter liaison officer (SLO) role on behalf of UEFA and is available to provide additional support where needed. You can read more about our work here: Implementing the SLO. Get in touch here.

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