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Football Association of Iceland holds SLO workshop

On 10 April 2014 the Football Association of Iceland (KSI) organised a special workshop to address issues relating to supporters. The meeting considered the importance of communicating with supporters and the need to strengthen the bonds between fans and clubs.

Omar Smárason, licensing and marketing manager and SLO coordinator of the KSI, kicked things off with a short presentation on the objectives of the meeting. He was followed by Styrmir Gislason, the supporter liaison officer (SLO) of the national team and main point of contact for Iceland fans at home and abroad. Club representatives also had the chance to talk to UEFA SLO project coordinator and SD Europe consultant Stuart Dykes, who attended the meeting at the invitation of the KSI.

As well as considering the role and purpose of the SLO as a contact person for the fans, the meeting also discussed suggestions for the future development of the project and the next steps, as all top-tier Icelandic clubs are now required to have an SLO as part of the licensing criteria.

The workshop was well attended and the clubs exchanged ideas, knowledge and experiences and looked at various issues relating to supporters and how to cooperate with them.


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