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For A Greener Football

We take the next step in committing to our sustainability principle…

The climate change crisis is an ongoing worldwide issue. For a long time it seemed relevant only to specialists and activists, now, something has changed.

In the last years, the issue of climate change has taken a more central place in many stakeholders’ public discussions, decisions, and actions. The sports world wasn’t an early adopter of policies and measures regarding it. But these days, we see more and more organisations and projects from the sports ecosystem widening their point of view and being active in that arena.

Members’ Decision

SD Europe’s members decided at the 2020 AGM to make environmental sustainability one of the organisation’s priorities and to develop its environmental segment with a specific reference to the climate change crisis, and how we can be a part of addressing it. As decided by the organisation’s board at the start of 2021, to deliver on the will of the members, SD Europe now moves into the next phase of its commitment to its sustainability principle.

The organisation started with a partnership with Atmosfair to reduce its carbon footprint and it is now our time to find SD Europe’s role and place as an organisation in the growing environmental area and the climate change crisis.

The Plan

Our aim is to build an environmental action plan. One which has been built bottom-up together with our network and which makes sure we capture the values, ideas, and actions of our network. It will give us clear direction to future actions.

We want to understand: what does climate change mean to our network, from national organisations to community clubs and more? How do they get involved and how do they see their role in this environmental crisis?


The entire process will be a bottom-up organisational co-creation. During the process, we will collect relevant data, both from the network and other resources. Feedback from the SD Europe network will be an essential part of the process.

The first step is a holistic review of the network’s sustainability activities. SD Europe will be in touch with each member to execute the research phase of the project. The goal will be to have a presentation at the 2021 SD Europe AGM.

Introducing Shay Golub…

This process is to be led by former SD Europe Board Member Shay Golub in close cooperation with SD Europe CEO Anotnia Hagemann, the board and team. Shay has worked in the environmental field for over 20 years now. Starting with Green Course, a nationwide environmental organisation of students in Israel, as the organisation’s spokesperson, and later CEO. After that, Shay worked as a consultant in various projects, promoting sustainable transportation, protecting open areas and nature, recycling, and renewable energy. In 2008 he co-founded the “Green movement party,” and later became its CEO. He also advocates for these issues with politicians and in election campaigns.

These days, Shay is a partner at ‘Inclusion Policy,’ an initiative that promotes inclusive policy with NGOs and local authorities in addition to being a board member of ‘Life & Environment’ – the umbrella organisation for the environmental movement in Israel.

Many will also know Shay as the chairman of Israfans – the Israeli members-run club national organisation.

We want to hear from you. Share your ideas or tell us about your initiatives by contacting us here.


Member-Run Clubs Leading The Way…

FC St. Pauli

‘Sustainable kits’

German side FC St. Pauli have committed to making its own sustainable kit range following a mandate from its members under the ‘DIIY’ banner.

Bohemian FC

‘Climate Justice Officer’

Dublin-based Bohemian FC recently appointed the club’s first ever ‘justice climate officer’, Sean McCabe, to design and action its green strategy.

Bohemian FC


SD Europe spoke with Bohemian FC’s Climate Justice Officer Sean McCabe to learn more about his role at the Dublin-based football club.


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