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Representatives of the Polish Football Association (PZPN) travelled to Prague in Czechia in early April for the fourth exchange visit of the LIAISE project.

During this three-day visit, the LIAISE project partners from Poland met with representatives of the Czech Football League (LFA), the Czech Football Association (FACR), the Prague and Liberec police, the Czech National Football Information Point (NFIP) and five football clubs (Sparta Prague, Slovan Liberec, Slavia Prague, Dukla Prague and Bohemians Prague 1905).

First, the Polish representatives attended a meeting at the LFA headquarters in Prague, where they took part in discussions on safe standing and the SLO coordinator’s role in Czechia and heard a presentation by a representative of the Czech National Football Information Point.

Following on from this, the delegation visited the Eden Arena, the home of Slavia Prague. Whilst there, the Polish representatives had the opportunity to speak to the club’s SLO and safety officer and take a tour of the stadium.

After touring the Eden Arena, the delegation moved on to the matchday visit, where they observed SLOs in action at the LFA fixture between Dukla Prague and Banik Ostrava.

The next day, the LIAISE delegation attended another match between Slovan Liberec and FK Pribram, kicking off at 12:00. Whilst visiting Slovan Liberec’s stadium, the delegation were given a stadium tour, in addition to attending the pre-match security meeting and having the opportunity to speak to the club’s SLO, safety officer, supporters and ultras.

It was two matches in the same day, as the delegation then turned back to the Eden Arena for the 17:00 kick-off between Slavia Prague and FK Teplice to observe the home SLO in action.

Lastly, on the final day, the delegation visited another stadium in the GENERALI Arena, the home of Sparta Prague. The delegation were again given a stadium tour followed by a meeting with the home club’s SLO and safety officer and were able to see both teams’ SLOs in action during the league match between Sparta Prague and Bohemians Prague 1905.

The SD Europe SLO team would like to thank their Czech hosts for what was an experientially in-depth insight into the operation of SLOs and fan initiatives in the country.

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