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Iceland FA organise educational meeting on fan behavior

As part of a series of regular educational and informative lunch meetings, the Football Association of Iceland (KSI) dedicated one session to the history of hooliganism in football. The main speaker at the event, which was attended by people from various positions within the Icelandic football family, including club SLOs, was the well-known historian, Stefán Pálsson (a football enthusiast and author of books such as the official history of Fram FC, one of the oldest clubs in the country).

Pálsson’s knowledge and insight into the history of the sport of football and the context and development of hooliganism within the game is second to none. The presentation highlighted major developments in fan behaviour and regulatory changes, and the reasons behind them, within world football and football in Iceland.

Following the event the KSI premiered two TV commercials aimed at discouraging negative behaviour among spectators at football matches. The commercials are part of an ongoing KSI social project with the slogan “don’t lose it – you are a role model” (loosely translated), portraying children in the stands affected by negative behaviour by adults who “lose it”.


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