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Promotion for project partners Cava United

Cava United Football Club, the first Italian team to be wholly owned and managed by its supporters, and partners in the ‘Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football’ project, secured promotion to Italy’s Seconda Categoria on Saturday. Fittingly, it came with a 2-0 victory at home to Don Bosco 200.

As the club’s report alludes to, this was a journey that began after last season’s play-off defeat:

“Our victory began on the evening of June 21st when, after the lost play-off final match, we met all together at the “Doce” to share the sad moment, but especially to start from that defeat and treasure it. A triumphant ride that has seen us lead the table from the first match of the season, with many teams pursuing that gave birth to a beautiful championship…”

Cava United was formed by supporters in 2014, following the demise of S.S. Cavese 1919. Since then, they have proven on and off the pitch that there is an alternative, community-based model for Italian football to follow.

The promotion is not only a triumph for the club, but also a landmark moment for the movement of like-minded groups and clubs in Italy. This movement is represented in the project by national organisation Supporters in Campo.

To read more about the story of Cava United Football Club, and the factors that led to the club’s formation, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Il Calcio è della gente!


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