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SD Europe AGM in Beveren Preview

This weekend, SD Europe heads to Belgium for its Annual General Meeting hosted by network members YB SK Beveren.

With a packed agenda planned, the AGM will see football supporters from 19 countries travel to Belgium to collaborate, workshop, and develop the SD Europe network. With 60 individuals from 9 football clubs, 12 fan organisations, 2 continental supporter organisations, 20 UEFA member nations, 12 EU member states, and 3 continents attending, it is no exaggeration to say the SD Europe is alive and well.

The weekend activities will take place from February 14-16, containing various workshops, activities, updates, football stakeholder discussions, appointments and admissions of new Board and SD Europe members, and of course football! 

Attendees can look forward to the following sessions during the weekend:

  1. Discussion: UEFA Competition reforms and the future of solidarity 

  2. Presentation: Projects supported by the SD Europe Fund

  3. SD Europe’s partnership with Atmosfair

  4. Managing success & failure; with Jorge Silverio, Sport Pyschologist 

  5. An update on the SLO work & the UEFA/SD Europe SLO training and how members can benefit; with Stuart Dykes

  6. Is football a community or a sporting project? Finding the balance between the two; with Shay Golub

Those coming to the AGM will also be attending YB SK Beveren v KFC Herleving Sinaai.

YB SK Beveren

With a strong history of football in the town, YB SK Beveren formed after the mismanagement of KSK Beveren. KSK Beveren was a top division Belgian side until the club’s men’s team was dissolved and the rest of the club was merged into another football club that moved into Beveren’s stadium. 

The Beveren supporters couldn’t associate with the new club that had taken their stadium, so set out on their own by starting a member-run, democractic football club that channelled the history and traditions of the original club and served the community it resides in. Starting from humble beginnings in the lowest leagues in Belgian 10 years ago, YB SK Beveren are working their way back up the leagues and aim to reclaim the name ‘KSK’ in the future. As far as the club is concerned, it is the natural and only successor to the original club and is KSK in spirit already. The club also has ambitions to find its own stadium back in the town in the future.

The entire SD Europe network is excited to see the amazing initiatives happening at YB SK Beveren, and looks forward to seeing the town! A huge thank you and appreciation goes to YB SK Beveren for hosting our 2020 AGM.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates throughout the weekend!


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