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SD Europe deliver SLO training to Bulgarian police

The session was part of the 1st National Football Policing Training Seminar under Sub-project 5 of the Coe/EU joint Erasmus+ ProS4+ project

The aim of this training was to promote the standards enshrined under the Council of Europe new Convention on safety and security at sports events (CETS 218), the adoption of an integrated approach to safety, security and service in connection with football matches, and provide training to key policing football decision makers and practitioners.

The training focused on: i) the established good practices enshrined in the Council of Europe new Convention on safety and security at sports events (CETS 218), and other European standards on policing football, both inside and outside of stadia; and ii) developing and implementing football policing strategies, tactics and operations that are consistent and demonstrate compliance with the Council of Europe and other European standards.

SD Europe and the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) were invited to present on the role Supporter Liaison Officers play as a means of preventative and constructive dialogue between the police and supporters, prior, during and after the match. SD Europe presented on best practice from the adoption of the SLO role in various countries and the BFU analysed its level of implementation in Bulgaria, as well as their Fan Dialogue: 2020 and beyond project which is supported by UEFA HatTrick IV.

Inclusion of and dialogue with fans is a core part of both the new Council of Europe CETS 218 Convention, as well as of the Council of the European Union draft recommendation for a handbook with recommendations for preventing and managing violence in connection with football matches, through the adoption of good practice in respect of police liaison with supporters.


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