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SD Europe launch official SLO Twitter account

To further expand the reach of the UEFA Supporter Liaison Officer project, to acquaint more supporters with the project, and to share knowledge and good practices around Europe with national associations, clubs, supporters, SLOs and other interested stakeholders, SD Europe will be managing the social media related to the SLO.

You can now follow SLO news on Twitter (the official account of the SD Europe SLO team, tweeting news and insights relating to supporter liaison), while over the coming weeks the YouTube channel of SD Europe (SDEuropeTV) will host videos useful to Supporter Liaison Officers and supporters in Europe.

To keep up to date with the most comprehensive source of information on all matters relating to the SLO project, including news, interviews and project updates, simply follow us on Twitter under the user name @SuppLiaison.

What is a Supporter Liaison Officer? Under Article 35 of the 2010 UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, clubs across Europe are required to appoint a Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) to ensure a proper and constructive discourse with their fans.

Article 35 pursues the following aims:

• To establish networks of SLOs at a national and European level to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice and improve the relationships between the various stakeholders, in particular the relationship between supporters and club directors/owners and safety and security organisations.

• To provide some guarantee that a minimum level of communication flow occurs between clubs and supporters and hence reduce the likelihood of supporters becoming disenfranchised.

• To better align the ability of supporters to feed into club decision-making with their huge importance to clubs.

• To provide incentive for largely unorganised club supporter bases to come together and express their views. A better organised fan base will have added power to its voice and the SLO will provide an improved opportunity for this voice to be heard.


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