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SFSU and SinC to join FASFE at the 4th ‘Fútbol Popular’ meeting

As part of the Erasmus+ project, ‘Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football‘, SFSU and Supporters in Campo will visit fellow partner FASFE this coming weekend in Madrid. An extensive programme has been planned and different stakeholders around football have been invited.

Emilio Abejon from FASFE said: “This event will mark another step up in the Fútbol Popular movement. Until today we’ve worked in setting up a group of clubs and organisations with common practices and goals and now we are ready to speak out and work with other stakeholders and institutions in order to shape a more friendly environment in which fan-owned clubs will be able flourish. Two examples of this are the workshop devoted to setting up a working group to contribute a complete set of proposals for a new Sports Law and the presentation that an important cooperative bank will make to our clubs in which we’ll learn about how to fund our projects.”

Pippo Russo and Stefano Pagnozzi from Supporters in Campo will speak about fan-owned football in Italy while Sofia Bohlin from SFSU will speak about the work behind the successful campaign to keep the 50+1 -rule in Sweden.

“These exchange visits we get to do through the Erasmus+ -project are very rewarding. There are always things to learn from the other partners and at the same time we are excited to share our experiences from Sweden” says Sofia Bohlin, SFSU.

For more information about our Erasmus+ project, click here. SD Europe was founded in 2007 and believes supporter involvement and community ownership makes football a more sustainable game. You’ll find more information here.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed to hear more throughout the weekend. We’ll also publish a follow up summary in the coming days.


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