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SLOs from Denmark and Germany meet in Copenhagen

The format for UEFA club SLO bilateral meetings can range from very informal get-togethers to fully fledged workshops. An example of the former took place on 18 August in Denmark, when fans hoping to become members of the new expanded SLO team of Brondby IF met two of the four Bayer Leverkusen SLOs, who were in town for their club’s Champions League qualifier at FC Copenhagen. The meeting took place in a bistro on the evening before the game and proved extremely informative, not only for the relatively inexperienced Danish colleagues. Leverkusen SLO Alina Gelsdorf said the knowledge gained during the exchange, for example about the approach to dialogue policing in Denmark, had been invaluable and had contributed to a relaxed atmosphere among the visiting fans the following day. So when asked if she and her fellow SLOs would be prepared to take part in future bilateral meetings in other countries, Alina did not hesitate to say a very emphatic “yes indeed!


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