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Supporters In Campo & FIGC Work Together To Host Fans Matter! National Training Workshop!

The Fans Matter! project moves into the next stage on Saturday 25th September 2021 as national training begins in Italy!

National trainers in each country will begin to deliver training on the management of football clubs (CEOs, board members and executives), stakeholders, the membership and volunteers to the Supporters In Campo network.

Beginning this weekend hosted in Rome, the Italian national supporters organisation (Supporters In Campo) in cooperation with the Italian FA (FIGC) will begin training fans involved in supporters groups and member-run football clubs. A significant milestone for both organisaitons – the fans and the football governing body – to be working together.

Along with Supporters In Campo members, FIGC and SD Europe, project partners Sandlanders, Israfans and FASFE will also be attending to exchange experiences and progress in their respective countries and enrich the discussion.

This stage of the project will see the information and best practice curated by industry experts taught and transferred by the national trainers to fans to help them strengthen and grow their football clubs and supporters groups.

In addition to the Fans Matter! training, SD Europe will also attend the Supporters In Campo AGM joined by Sandlanders, Israfans and FASFE who will be addressing the meeting.

Stay tuned to SD Europe’s social media channels for more updates throughout the week and weekend ahead!

Any Supporters In Campo members wishing to take part in the Fans Matter! training can get in touch via


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