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Supporterscollectief Nederland host kick-off meeting for the new season

Over 40 supporters of more than twenty clubs from the two top divisions gathered in Amsterdam on Sunday, September 3rd.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss current topics around Dutch football such as transportation and ticket prices for away fans as well as how the message of positive supporter initiatives can be spread.

In the Eredivisie, the Dutch top division, 80% of the matches have some restrictions in travelling for away fans. The regulations are very complex and often comes with additions and/or exceptions and are implemented without an evidence based background. Therefore, all members were asked to submit feedback to the Supporterscollectief exemplifying by two matches, one home and one away, where they feel regulations are too heavy.

The discussion around ticket prices was also very active. One conclusion was that supporters would like to see a reasonable uniformed ticket price for away fans, a proposal will be handed to the clubs to consider.

Lena Gustafson Wiberg from SD Europe said: “It’s great to see the growth of the national supporters organisation in the Netherlands. It was the second meeting I attended and I was happy to hear all active and constructive discussions that was taking place.”

Jan Bluyssen, Head of Competitions at KNVB, closed the meeting by saying that, at the moment, the Supporterscollectief Nederland is the primary spokes partner the KNVB have on fan-related issues.


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