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The 2020/21 SD Europe Fund launches!

The SD Europe Fund supports projects focusing on further strengthening the national supporters organisations and sharing experiences between groups and clubs locally.

With the effects of COVID-19 clearly showing throughout the entire football pyramid, football supporters are the ones that have been most affected – not only as fans but also as citizens and professionals.

Through the Fund SD Europe is offering tools to its membership to respond to COVID-19 by allowing them to hire individuals from within the movement and/or external experts in order to improve their operations, support their networks, innovate and endure the challenging economic terrain.

The SD Europe Fund is also a means to help keep supporter networks across Europe glued together, by financially supporting travelling between like-minded supporters groups and member-run clubs to learn from each other and build and sustain personal relationships and friendships. When it is safe to travel again, SD Europe’s support will be a spark of much needed interaction.

Over the past decade, SD Europe’s support for its membership has been made up of many layers. Whether organising network meetings, helping local groups and national supporters organisations come together, influencing policy-making at the highest level, building strong bonds between football authorities and among fan groups internationally. Even at this time, SD Europe’s support proves that football fans can and will play a role in reviving football and society. The SD Europe Fund, our Fans Matter! training project and Kick-off! (one of the most innovative supporter-led projects) are just the beginning.

If you want to find out more about the SD Europe Fund and SD Europe’s activities, contact your national supporters organisation and/or get in touch with us here.


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