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The French Football League (LFP), together with the French National

Supporters Association (ANS) and the French Football Federation (FFF), received its first

exchange visit as a part of LIAISE on 2-4 February 2019. The LIAISE visiting delegation was made up of representatives of the Swedish Football League (SEF), the

Swedish Football Supporters Union (SFSU), Swedish SLOs, Supporters Direct Europe (SD

Europe), the French police (DNLH), and a Swiss representative of the European Think

Tank of Football Safety and Security Experts as the visit rapporteur.

The LIAISE delegation attended a Ligue 1 fixture between Olympique Lyonnais and PSG at the Grand Stade de Lyon, which had been newly built for the 2016 UEFA European Championships. During the match, the delegation had the opportunity to ask the Olympique Lyonnais SLO questions and observe his activities during the match. It was noted by delegates that the exchange of information between the SLO, the club and the fans worked well. Delegates remarked that it was impressive to observe the SLO’s central function within the club and during the match, particularly at the match meeting shortly before kick-off.

Delegates were told that the SLO assumed responsibility in the matchday organisation, was integrated and respected, and made an important contribution to smooth operations, while at the same time taking into account the needs of the fans and the requirements of the club and the police. The SLO confirmed that information exchange with the police worked well and generally took place in the run-up to the match if there were no extraordinary occurrences.

SD Europe would like to thank the LFP and FFF for the organisation of the visit and Olympique Lyonnais for its willingness to welcome the delegation. All the members of the delegation confirmed that they had gained important information from the visit for their own working environment and had been able to make comparisons and greatly benefited from the experience.

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