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SD Europe Fund 2021: Unsere Kurve

Zukunft Profifußball 3.0


Unsere Kurve, is a cross-club association of organised football fans in Germany, in other words, a national supporters organisation. They are one of the largest advocacy groups for active football fans in Germany, and are committed to maintaining fan culture, freedom for fans and advocate for the 50+1 rule. The organisation was officially founded in Bielefeld, Germany in 2005. 

Unsere Kurve pride themselves on developing formal, constructive dialogue with clubs, the DFL, the DFB, UEFA and political decision-makers around the football landscape, working specifically on the interests, ideas and goals of the active football supporter. 


Unsere Kurve started the project Zukunft Profifußball in June 2020 (funded by SD Europe Fund). They started a process to discuss the problems in the German football system and to find solutions for a better football. A football, which is local, contemporary and sustainable. They initially developed four concepts “integrity of competition”, “clubs as democratic basis”, “social responsibility” and “football as a public sport” and published them in September 2020.  They then started discussing the concepts in public, with clubs, and with the football associations. 

In this round of the SD Europe Fund, Unsere Kurve will continue the project and look to start networking with the clubs (especially 1st and 2nd division), discussing reforms in German football to figure out common topics and ways to introduce reforms to the football system. The goal is to find as many representatives from clubs as they can, who will push important topics for a change in the football system and to build an alliance with clubs, so they will take action and will vote for reforms. 

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