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The SD Europe Fund to support six projects of fan organisations and member-run clubs

The objective of the fund is to enable the members of the SD Europe network to establish their own projects that further develop supporter involvement.

The SD Europe Fund will see the distribution of €12.000 to its members: €9,000 to fund three projects run by national fan organisations and €3,000 to fund three projects with exchange visits of member-run clubs within the network.

Each project under the SD Europe Fund can fall under the categories of:

Democracy, Cooperation, Solidarity and Sustainability.

The fund shows SD Europe‘s commitment to supporting domestic & international activities of national supporters organisations & member-run clubs.

“The SD Europe fund is good news for the entire network. It allows the redistribution of funds straight to our members, to impact at the national and local level. The funded  projects will help fans to gain more influence – whether at club or national level.” – Antonia Hagemann, SD Europe CEO

All applications are projected to be assessed within a four-week period, and will be reviewed by a 3-person independent committee comprised of friends of the movement. 

Members that are interested in applying or have questions, should reach out to SD Europe’s Membership Development Manager, Loukas Anastasiadis, at

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the SD Europe fund?

The SD Europe Fund provides financial support for the work of SD Europe members on democracy, cooperation, solidarity and sustainability, at national and local level.

Who can apply?

Any organisation can apply, but only applications of SD Europe members that fulfil the following requirements will be evaluated:

  1. The applicant must have a direct active SD Europe membership

  2. The application must be written on the template provided by SD Europe and returned by December 31, 2019.

  3. The following information of the applicant is publicly available (eg website, social media platforms) and easily accessible:

  4. the organisation’s vision or mission statement or manifesto of the organisation

  5. the organisation’s statutes or internal regulation of the organisation

  6. the organisation’s local members of the organisation (not applicable to the details of physical persons)

  7. Information about SD Europe and the organisation’s activities within SD Europe

  8. The applicant must have attended the SD Europe AGM before the commencement of the project

  9. The member-run clubs that are supported by the SD Europe fund must have a child protection policy in place. The same applies for any projects that involve children in the activities.

What kind of projects will be funded?

The SD Europe fund will support projects of nation-wide scale and exchange visits between member-run clubs in its network.

Each project under the SD Europe Fund can fall under one or all of the following four categories:

  1. Democracy; projects that help supporters be involved in the decision-making of football or the running of their football clubs

  2. Cooperation; projects that aim to improve the relationship between the supporters organisation and other stakeholders

  3. Solidarity; projects that aim to introduce a fairer revenue sharing across all levels of the football pyramid

  4. Sustainability; projects that help supporters contribute to the social, financial and environmental capital of football

Indicative activities can be related to the strengthening of the relationships between the national supporters organisations and their local members (ie training workshops, AGM-related expenses, regional meetings etc), to international exchange visits between volunteers and board members of national supporters organisations and member-run clubs; to the organisation of events (eg conferences, seminars, training workshops etc), the developing promotional material (eg social media, graphics design, banners etc)

How many projects will be funded?

The project will fund

  1. Three projects of nation-wide impact, with a maximum of 3,000€ per project

  2. Three international exchange visits between member-run clubs which are members of SD Europe members, with a maximum of 1,000€ per exchange visit

The projects will be fully-funded by SD Europe, however projects with co-funding can achieve a higher score.

How can my organisation apply?

Only SD Europe members can receive funding. National supporters organisations can apply for nation-wide projects, or (for exchange visits only) on behalf of member-run clubs in their country.

Members that are interested to apply for a project should request an application form from SD Europe via the email Only projects submitted in the application form, via email, will be evaluated. The deadline to return the application form is December 31, 2019.

What will the evaluators look at?

  1. Potential impact during and after the lifetime of the project (maximum 25 points)

  2. Communication and dissemination (maximum 20 points)

  3. plan to maintain an active social media presence on facebook, twitter, instagram: 6 points

  4. plan to increase the impact effect of the project: 6 points

  5. photos, videos: 6 points

  6. TV interviews and podcasts: 2 points

  7. Cooperation with other stakeholders (maximum 15 points)

  8. Government involvement: 5 points

  9. FA or league involvement: 4 points (2×2)

  10. Other political parties involvement: 2

  11. Public institutions involvement: 2

  12. University involvement: 2

  13. Project management (maximum 15 points)

  14. Budget (maximum 15 points)

  15. Budget feasibility: 10 points

  16. For every 10% of applicant contribution to the budget, 1 extra point will be awarded

  17. Social responsibility (maximum 10 points)

  18. Volunteer involvement: 4 points

  19. Women representation at board level: 3 points

  20. Environmental protection: 2 points

  21. People with disabilities involvement: 1 points

The score of each subcategory (or category) will be the average between the two main evaluators. In case the difference between the score is more than 50%, the final score can range between the two scores and will be decided by the third evaluator.

What is the evaluation process?

Applications will be forwarded to an independent two-member evaluation committee comprising

  1. Daniel Cade of SchweryCade (Switzerland); SchweryCade supports (sport) organisations in the field of social responsibility and sustainability

  2. Kat Craig of Athlead UK; Kat is a member of the SD Europe Advisory Board

If the evaluators’ score differs by more than 50%, the final score can range between the two scores and will be decided by Zenon Severis, member of the SD Europe Advisory Board.

The evaluation process is estimated to take up to four weeks.

The applications that receive the highest total scores will be selected for funding. If applications have equal total scores, the one that receives the highest score in impact, then stakeholder involvement, then communications plan, then social responsibility will be ranked higher. If all sub-scores are still equal there will be a draw.

Following the evaluation, SD Europe will inform all applicants by email. Those selected for funding will be invited to sign a funding agreement (Annex tbc).

What is the timeline?

The deadline to return the application forms is December 31, 2019 inclusive. 

The final ranking of the projects will be announced on February 3, 2020 on the SD Europe’s website and social media. Each applicant will also be informed of the final ranking as well as the score of their project by email on February 3, 2020.

The successful applicants will sign the funding agreement at the SD Europe AGM (end of February 2020).

The deadline to submit the final report is June 30, 2020 inclusive.

What is an exchange visit?

An exchange visit is a trip of representatives of a member-run club or national supporters organisation to another. The purpose of the trip is to discuss challenges and best practice response and exchange knowledge and experiences. A delegation of an exchange visit can comprise board members, staff, volunteers, members, etc. During the trip, the visiting delegation meets with representatives of the host organisation (eg board members, executives, staff, volunteers, members, ultras, etc).

Get in touch with the SD Europe team via our Contact Us page. Follow SD Europe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates!


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