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  • SLO Education Programme | SD Europe

    The SLO Education Programme In partnering with SD Europe, we want to take SLO training to the next level SLO Education Programme In Numbers So Far... 8 National Associations 16 Sessions 250+ SLOs The programme is led by SD Europe’s Head of SLO Development & Training, Lena Gustafson-Wiberg. For SD Europe, the establishment of the SLO Education Programme, in partnership with the UEFA Academy More information on the SLO Education Programme can be found on the UEFA Academy website .

  • SLO Of The Month Series | SD Europe

    SLO Of The Month Series The SLO of the Month series sees SD Europe speak to Supporter Liaison Officers I hope that all clubs in the Swedish first division have a strong SLO function.” Read Here Morten Talhaug of SK Brann “The SLO role is a really great opportunity to work closer with of Watford FC "It can only be a positive for all clubs to fully embrace the SLO role. You can read more about our work here: Implementing the SLO . Get in touch here .

  • Practical Guide To Supporter Liaison | SD Europe

    to the SLO role , and it makes a welcome contribution to the professionalisation of the SLO role. The SLO role is still something of an enigma and many SLOs around Europe struggle with their tasks. for examples taken from everyday SLO practice”, says Stuart Dykes, Head of SLO Development at SD Europe with the UEFA Academy, this is another feather in the SLO cap for SD Europe. around Europe”, concludes Lena Gustafson Wiberg, Head of SLO Training at SD Europe.

  • Implementing The SLO | SD Europe

    role to various stakeholders including member associations, police, and SLOs European SLO Network As A working group of SLOs is now in place to lead further development of this network – providing SLOs PHOTO: GEPA PICTURES/ PHILIPP BREM RFU SLO WORKSHOP The inaugural Uefa SLO conference was held in Berlin The first ever meeting of European SLOs took place in June 2016 with SLOs as mentioned, with SLOs from Later in the year, the third SLO network meeting took place in Rotterdam.

  • What Is An SLO | SD Europe

    I'm A Newly Appointed SLO, Where Can I Learn More About My Role? The SLO role is one full of potential for both you and your football club. I Am An SLO Coordinator. What Do I Need To Know? The role of the SLO is to facilitate dialogue, not lead it. to the SLO role , and it makes a welcome contribution to the professionalisation of the SLO role.

  • SLO Resources | SD Europe

    SLO Resources SD Europe has worked to facilitate the implementation of the supporter liaison officer (SLO) role on behalf of UEFA since 2010. To read more about our work and what the role is, visit the SLO section of our website. ​ UEFA SLO Handbook 2011 Produced by UEFA and SD Europe. Download!

  • SD Europe Team | SD Europe

    Head Of SLO Training Lena Gustafson-Wiberg Lena, from Stockholm, Sweden, works in the SLO Department at SD Europe, where she runs the UEFA Academy SLO Programme and provides support to SLOs all around Europe In addition, she works as an SLO for Djurgårdens IF and the Swedish national teams. SLO Consultant Tony Ernst Tony Ernst, from Malmö, Sweden. Works in the SLO Department at SD Europe, and has been the editor of the new SLO Handbook, the joint

  • Home | SD Europe

    SLO of the Month: Fredrik Nilsson of IFK Norrköping For May 2022’s SLO of the Month, SD Europe spoke The games in the Europa League group stage also clearly showed us how important it is to have an SLO. For our fans, international trips to away games are special experiences, so we as SLOs can clarify a SLO of the Month: Fredrik Nilsson of IFK Norrköping Celebrating 10 years of Taras 706 a.c.!

  • Our History | SD Europe

    Here’s a brief timeline of key milestones to date: 2018: The third meeting of the European SLO network It is attended by SLOs from 13 countries as well guest speakers from Uefa and the European Think Tank Football Safety and Security Experts, to focus on the development of the supporter liaison officer (SLO network takes place in Gelsenkirchen in June 2017 with SLOs from eleven countries. To be eligible for a UEFA license, clubs need to appoint an SLO. ​ 2009: The SLO concept gains full approval

  • LIAISE Project Background | SD Europe

    Activities focus on the development of the supporter liaison officer (SLO) role through a better understanding and communication between all relevant stakeholders, particularly club supporter liaison officers (SLOs The supporter liaison officer (SLO) role, in particular, has unique potential in this regard by acting PROJECT OUTPUTS: Improved and updated resources available to anyone with an interest in developing the SLO FURTHER INFORMATION SD Europe has facilitated the implementation of the supporter liaison officer (SLO